Friday, September 30, 2005


Welcome to the course website for BIS 362, Contemporary Political Ideas and Ideologies, UW-Bothell, Autumn 2005, meeting Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:45 to 10:50. This website will serve the following purposes:

-general discussion of issues raised in class
-distribution of hand-outs, course announcements, etc.
-links to syllabus (coming in a month or so!) and other important documents
-links to various material of potential interest to students of political ideologies
-a place for you to ask me (or your classmates) questions, anonymously if you wish
-whatever else I (or you) decide to use it for

Here is the syllabus and course schedule. If you have any questions in the interim, you can email me or post them in the comments section for this post. I'm looking forward to the course.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

First question

I'd like a list of political opinions you hold. In the comment thread for this post, please leave a comment that contains a political statement that you hold. It can be about the way politics should be, or about the way they are, or about the difference between the two. Here are some examples.

"Politicians are corrupt, and we as a society need greater oversight of their activities."

"It's not fair or just to take tax revenue and use it to help the less fortunate--that should be a personal choice."

"A loving couple should be allowed to marry, without concern for whether they are opposite-sex of same-sex couples."

And so on. (please use something other than my examples).