Friday, December 09, 2005

Study Group?

If any of you want to use this blog to arrange a study group, feel free to use this thread.

Thanks all for a great quarter.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Final Exam, cont.

A few things first:

1) This exam is comprehensive.

2) This exam will include several choices. There will be two essays that should be answered with 3-5 paragraphs, and one essay that will be answered with one paragraph. A "full length" paragraph for the purposes of this exam should be 5-10 sentences.

3) The first essay will be a choice between two different questions. One question will deal with The Racial Contract; the other will deal with Globalism.

4) The second essay will deal with major themes in the course, and will require that you discuss and compare different ideologies. There will be two, possibly three options for this essay, and each question will contain some degree of choice about whto write about within the question.

5) The third essay, a short answer question, will not involve any choice--everyone will write on the same topic.

6) This exam is worth 100 points. The point distribution will look like this: 50 for the first essay, 40 for the second, 10 for the third.

7) The translation from points to GPA grade will look something like this: 95+ A (4.0), 80 B( 3.0) 65 C (2.0), 50 D (1.0), with the in between numbers filling in the gaps.

Here are some questions that are similar in style and content to the ones you might encounter for the first and second essays. Remember--while these probably will not appear on the exam, if I decide I really like one of them I reserve the right to include it.

Take the perspective of a liberal political theorist, and give a response to Charles Mills argument in The Racial Contract. Choose a few specific issues to consider.

Many have criticized Mills The Racial Contract for not adequately suggesting what should be done in light of this analysis. Choose two ideological perspectives, and give an account of how they might address the problem of the racial contract (assuming, for the purposes of this paper, that Mills version of the problem is persuasive).

What are the different 'dimensions' of the racial contract? Describe each one, with specific examples, noting how they might reinforce each other.

What is the connection between the ideology of "globalism" and the liberal political ideology? Is globalism better understood as a logical outgrowth of liberal ideology or a distortion of it?

How has globalization reshaped the landscape of political ideologies, according to Steger?

How important are the rights of the individual to each of the four ideologies we studied? Rank the four ideologies--from most concerned with individual rights to least--giving your reasons for each placement.

Identify and discuss one important philosophical disagreement between liberals. Be sure to discuss the views of at least two specific authors.

"Strong Democracy represents a middle ground between the absolutist views on private property found in liberalism and Marxism." Do you agree? Why or why not? Be clear about what the understanding of property is in each of these theories.

We all know liberals are strong defenders of freedom of speech--discuss how you think two of the other three ideologies we've studied would be inclined to think about free speech--how much of it we should have, how free it should be, etc.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

reading next week

So the truncated reading of Globalism goes like this:

Tuesday: Read ch. 1, 3. Spend a very short amount of time very quickly skimming ch. 2.

Thursday: Read. ch. 4 and 6 (5 optional)